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Superior claims service is more than carrying out a contractual responsibility. It combines the highest level of professionalism and fairness.  Please send your loss notice form to AUIC Claims immediately after you have been notified of a loss.  Notices can be faxed to AUIC at 1-501-450-6970 or sent to

The AUIC Claims department handles all claims that arise with our programs. Our adjusters have extensive experience in handling claims that arise from the business segments we write with the necessary specialized expertise to appropriately handle.

For emergency or after business hours claims services please call:

Claims Handling Guideline

  • The AUIC Claim Representatives make 24-hour contact with insureds and claimants.
  • For emergency or after business hours claims services please call 866-892-1978
  • We comply with all “good faith and fair dealing” rules and statutes in all states.
  • Our Claim Representatives are licensed in those states where it is required.
  • Our Claim Representatives and Supervisors are required to have all claim files on a diary.
  • Our Claim Representatives confirm coverage by reviewing the coverage forms in our computer system. Before reserving policy rights or denying coverage, we review the entire Underwriting file.
  • We index each bodily injury claim and provide supplemental information at six-month intervals.
  • Our philosophy is to reserve all claims at actual claim value. We consider all factors such as quality of witnesses, jurisdiction, and applicable negligence law.
  • Each new lawsuit is reviewed with our Suit Committee who provides advice and instructions.
  • With our national Programs we have developed an excellent panel of independent adjusters and appraisers who take photos, appraise vehicles and carry out our task assignments as instructed, for a reasonable fee.
  • The AUIC Claim Representatives have the knowledge and expertise to successfully negotiate all Bodily Injury and Property Damage claims. While we are tough negotiators, we realize the value of a closed claim.
  • We frequently participate in pre-trial settlements and court ordered mediations across the country.
  • We often make recommendations to defense counsel in preparing a litigation plan for each case and we work to keep the case moving as outlined in the plan.
  • We carefully review all legal invoices for accuracy and to ensure that defense counsel is billing in accordance with approved rates.

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